Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sad grocery list

- Pointless
- Useless
- Absurd
- Ridiculously unreasonable
- Unsound
- Incongruous
- Meaningless
- Nonsensical
- Senseless
- Flawed
                                                             Without you...

Good Old Abe

The ocean has no owner
The wind still is free
Every window has a viewer
Every needle holds a tear

This one wispers shiny voices at dawn
And at sunrise tissues blured,  always throughout a mosquito screen:
Abe and the remaining three sets of chops,
A blue stringed hanging chair  profiting inertia from the wind;
Swinging from a tree.

While the river plays his music and the night starts to sing
They I´ll be ready for a feast at fall in a couple of months.

To the west nests a Bold Eagle
For her bundle from the river she provides...

- Suspecting she has already scanned those lambs. Not shure though, just guessing

New water

Long endless feelings
Waiting for you handbrush to split their will:
In countless tears...

The river carries  souls gathering to reach the sea
The streets filled with noise pushing the rain towards me
Are we there yet? Is it that we never moved?
Moon guide us with your inmaculate light
So we can find our way through this life
And never again be where we were... Tomorrow.

Glance away

I am sorry
The blink that prays for rejection
When my touch
Clamis to draw on skin it´s vision of redemption...

Hold me even when tou turn your back to my watching range
Because holding the breath it´s like feeling far away nightmares called revenge...
Blink and when you are tired of falling: awake!

Blind dubbed rime

Faded light sculping the dark
A critter crying like a charcroal caressed by the wind
Spaceless voices, surrounding arms
The blist of wisdom a night to kill...

Concrete rivers making people scape to their own personal ocean
The gas tank is almos empty... got my nicottine fixed