Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let´s go!

Just someone to hold against your own
While the world goes up in flames

Thank you for coming
Now let´s go
Let´s take our personal paradise –settle it somewhere
And not give a fuck!

México Lindo

Where I come from
It has bled for more than 20 years –straight
The soil was already soaked, even before then.

I did not escaped or ran away
Although I was scared
The fear doesn´t go nowhere
It´s in my blood pouring onto the ground.
(Every time a brother goes down)

The world should know
That the media educated us
Believing the lies, to the point of owning them
Just because they where public, like us...

If my body is not there, eventually it will
Like the song says “bring it here” ( y que lo traigan aquí)
Live or dead?
Mostly dead:
It seems we will never awake
From “democracy”, fraud, lies, robs and non-sense violence
The people is angry
But should be with ourselves...
For allowing them to tell us what to dream.